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 has been serving East Texas and surrounding areas for many years. There is no one in the industry who will give you a better quality, longer lasting, more energy efficient  roof, whether it is our signature polyurethane foam and coating or simply one of our durable silicone or acrylic "cool roof" coatings. On the other hand, if you are in the market for interior polyurethane foam insulation for your home, business or an agricultural application, we are ready to serve you.  Our experienced installers have been professionally trained and certified.  Quality material and workmanship is what sets us apart from the rest.  Customer satisfaction, along with our own peace of mind that we have done our "very best," is our ultimate goal.

Roofing Application

 A  seamless waterproof "Cool Roof" coating with or without our polyurethane foam roof insulation system using high quallity silicone or acrylic coatings can provide long-lasting and durable roofing solutions while contributing to a lower environmental impact. It can save you money, and costly repairs. Research has shown that Spray Foam roofs typically last longer than other roofing applications, up to 30+ years. Contact Us Today! 

Agricultural Application

There are many variables associated with heating and cooling poultry houses, swine barns, farrowing houses, equine barns, and cold storage facilities, and keeping them within the industry standards. This is why we have a specialist in Agricultural Applications to meet the industry standards and give you a great price. Contact Cameron Today! 

Residential Application

When it comes to heating and cooling your home, you know that literally you can throw money through the cracks, this is where we can help you. When spray foam is installed in a new or existing home it can save 30%-50% on energy costs. Existing Attics and Pier and Beam foundation homes are always a prime candidate for our spray foam retrofit installations.

Contact Marlin our Residential Specialist today! 

Our Suppliers

Save 30%-50% On Your Energy Costs